PackTenna is a light weight, versatile, HF antenna system will full size performance ideal for portable HF operation. Great for Field Day, SOTA, travel or a day in the park. The heart of the system is using full size wire antenna elements combined with high quality, rugged yet light weight hardware designed for backpacking. The system includes a fiberglass support mast, pre-assembled wire elements, feed point baluns or UNUNs, coax and mounting hardware. PackTenna is quick to deploy, making field operating easy with out sacrificing full size antenna performance. PackTenna can be set up as a half wave dipole, inverted vee, quarter wave ground plane, half wave and random end-fed configurations to name a few. Multiple elements can be quickly connected to change bands with high quality linked dipole connectors. Want to make a custom antenna configuration? The PackTenna DIY kit provides wire and all the same hardware necessary to make your own custom antenna configuration.

Light weight, compact, full size performance... PackTenna.

PackTenna Mini - 9:1 Random Wire Antenna

This compact wire antenna is ideal for SOTA activations, camping, backpacking, and travel. The PackTenna Mini Random Wire Antenna combines a 9:1 UNUN, winder and antenna wire in a compact unit that is quick to set up and take down. The antenna comes with 40' of 26 AWG copper clad steel wire with a great "silky" jacket to minimize wire tangle. You can cut the wire to fit your needs. Typically a length that is not a multiple of a quarter wave on any ham band is best. We recommend cutting the antenna wire to about 29 feet. This antenna requires an antenna tuner.

PackTenna Mini - End-Fed Half Wave antenna

This compact wire antenna is ideal for SOTA activations, camping, backpacking, and travel. The PackTenna Mini End-Fed Half Wave Antenna combines a 50:1 UNUN, winder and antenna wire in a compact unit that is quick to set up and take down. The antenna comes with 40' of 26 AWG copper clad steel wire with a great "silky" jacket to minimize wire tangle. You can cut the wire to any band from 20 meters and up in frequency. You can add additional wire for lower frequency bands as well. This is a single band antenna and does *not* require a tuner.

Standard Package

The Standard Package includes everything you need, pre-assembled to make a 20 meter ground plane, 20m inveted Vee and a 40m inverted vee that will also work pretty well on 15 meters. With additional supports you can also deploy the antenna as a 20 meter or 40 meter dipole. The package includes…

Package price $269.95

10 Meter Telescoping Mast

This is the perfect mast for portable operation. Made of rugged telescoping fiberglass sections, the mast will extend to a full 10 meters (32'+). The mast sections are 1.7" in diameter at the base and less than a quarter inch at the tip. When collapsed, the total length is just 26" making this ideal for packing on the trail or air travel. This mast will handle a full size quarter wave ground plane, inverted vee or sloper on any band down to 40m.

1:1 Feed point balun

The PackTenna balun matches the unbalanced feedline to the balanced antenna. Using high quality PTFE (Teflon) coax, the balun reduces common mode current from flowing back down your feed line and causing RFI problems. The PackTanna balun is also the feed point connection where the coax cable connects and where the wire antenna elements plug in to the system. The balun PCB provides 5 banana jacks. Two for the center pin and three for the ground side of the feed line. This unique deisgn makes the balun a universal connection point for any antenna configuration from dipoles and vees, to verticals. The side loops on the balun PCB provide mechanical connection points for the wire element S-Clips. The balun feed point PCB is secured to the antenna mast with two mini-bungee cords. These bungees grip the mast tightly without crushing it.

20/40 wire antenna elements

PackTenna uses full-size, no compromise, wire antenna elements. The 20/40 antenna wire set includes 4 pre-assembled 1/4 wave wire elements cut for the 20m band. This allows you to set up your antenna on 20m, or 40m by putting two elements in series. The wire is a very high quality hard drawn copper "litz" wire that is very flexible with a polyethlene outer jacket. The wire elements use our S-Clips to connect elements together and provide strain relief with small pigtails and high surface area, gold plated, mini banana plugs to make the electrical connection between elements. Using resonate wire elements eliminates the need for an antenna tuner. This is especially convenient for backpacking and highly portable ops.

Guying kit

This handy hardware kit contains 8 complete 10 foot long guy lines. Each guy line includes a line tensioner to set the length. With 8 guy lines you can use 3 for securing the mast at the base, typically a few sections above the ground, 1 or 2 for each side of the wire elements and a spare. The kit also includes 6 light weight aluminum ground stakes with paracord loops. 3 for the base guys, 2 for the ends of the wire elements when used in an inverted vee or ground plane and one spare. Three guy rings, one for the base guys and one for 1/2 way up the mast and one for 2/3 the way up the mast for high guying. The kit also includes 10 universal S-Clips. These clips are used to link wire elements, connect guy lines, and are a super useful mechanical connector to have in the kit.


These products are offered optionally.

9:1 UNUN $49.95

For end-fed half wave or random wire antennas, the end point is typically a high impedence. To better match the antenna to the feed line, and UNUN transformer steps down the impedence by a factor of 9 making it easier for an antenna tuner to match the antenna wire. The PackTenna UNUN provides multiple banana jacks for connection the antenna wire, loops for S-Clips and holes for bungee cord mounting just like the Balun PCB. We recommend also using the In-Line Choke to attenuate common mode currents that can flow down the outside of the coax shield back to the shack. The UNUN is rated at 100 watts for CW and SSB.

In-Line Choke $49.95

The in-line choke attenuates unwanted common mode current flowing down the outside of the coax shield. This is a common source of interference in the shack. The in-line choke is placed close to the antenna in cases where you don't want the coax to radiate. The choke can be place in the middle of the coax run or closer to the shack end of the coax if you are using the shield as part of your antenna's counter poise system as it often found in end-fed long wire antennas.

DIY Wire Element Kit $29.95

This kit is an alternative to the pre-assembled 20/40 Wire Element Set. There are dozens of possible band combinations in a linked dipole antenna. This kit allows you to build your own custom wire antenna elements for any combination of bands using the same hardware we use in our pre-assembled elements. You decide what bands you want to operate, cut the wire, attach the strain relief hardware and solder on the banana connectors. The kit includes 100' of high quality antenna wire, crimp ferrules for strain relief, S-clips and two pairs of mini banana connectors.

25' RG-58 Coax Cable and BNC Connectors $14.95

25 feet of coax cable that connects the feed point to your radio. Use multiple lengths with a barrel BNC connector or our In-Line Choke to extend the feed line length.


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SOTA Summiter Bundle


Standard Package

  • 10m telescoping pole
  • 20/40 wire element set
  • 1:1 feed point balun
  • Guying & hardware kit

PackTenna Mini


Assembled 1:1 or 9:1, Plus...

  • Wire


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